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Windsor Graphics is a great choice for realistically priced, effective websites for small businesses in Alberta.
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Kathleen Windsor will help make your website design project a lot of fun. Website Design with Kathleen
There's a lot involved in designing a website, but it is definitely not insurmountable. Effective web design requires experience and understanding of many diverse areas, as well as the knowledge required to move beyond simple static web pages. I have that experience. I will work with you to design a website that is attractive and informative, with due consideration to your individual needs.

Sometimes you have had a site designed by a family member or another webmaster, and need to change things a bit. That's not a problem. I can redesign your current website and add some interactivity that will help you update your own site, if that's what you want.

What makes me stand out from other web designers is my personal attention and friendly service. If you're wondering about something, just ask!

There's a lot to be said about having me head up your website department, because you know you can count on me to always be at your side ...

Taking Care of Business!

How does all this work?
Kathleen and the staff at Windsor Graphics utilize HTML and XHTML hypertext markup language to create websites with control.
HTML is the foundation of web development. It is a special language used to format text, create hyperlinks, tables, forms, display images, and more. I have mastered this language and freely develop and maintain my websites unfettered by a software program's limitations. I also use CSS to control the layout of the web pages I create, and other methods such as javascript and perl, rather than other web page builders such as DreamWeaver or Front Page. Software packages like DreamWeaver or Front Page add tons and tons of unnecessary coding and are unable to create the effects most appropriate for your website, so I don't use them. This sets me apart from other web designers.
Kathleen has completed Service Best training and is committed to making a difference to each customer's experience.
Without some sort of navigation, a site loses all sense of structure and organisation. We make sure that doesn't happen with your website.
There's an art to effectively guiding readers around a website, so they know where to find things when they want them. The best way to make a site easy to navigate is simply to not surprise your visitor: put things where you would expect them to be.

Making a website easy to navigate is the core of the website design. I will create a design that guides your viewer along the desired path in the quickest route, enticing your customers with an attractive website that gets them the information they need without getting lost along the way. With proper focus on site navigation, your online marketing efforts, your website, will create a very positive impression of your business.

Kathleen Windsor can custom create any site from a simple brochure to ecommerce.
Supposedly, a website visitor measures a company's professionalism in the first 15 seconds; I tend to lean towards less than 10 seconds, as the attention span of Generation Xs and Ys needs to be given due consideration, particularly if they are your target market.

There continues to be many people in rural Canada on dial-up connections, and part of the design process involves spending time addressing both the limitations of computer screen resolutions & slower connection speeds.

Big fancy graphics can be pretty, but can also be slow-loading, and while glitz and glamour is required for some sites, not all need fancy flash animation. Our file sizes are always small and pages always load quickly, because we know that your site visitors are busy people and don't want to sit around waiting for some image to load.

Your Special Place

When I complete the initial concept of your website, I will upload it to a special, private place on one of our web servers for you to review at your leisure. Whatever changes you'd like to see will be made, and once you're happy with the final presentation, your website will be uploaded to the net for the rest of the world to enjoy!

Web Hosting

You need a web hosting company for your customers to find your website. Think of the pages of your website as a book. The best way for people to find your "book" is if they go to a "library", or web server. Through our IT department, Windsor Graphics has access to the very best, and secure, web servers, media servers, and mail servers, all with unique configurations giving our clients enhanced power in executing their on-line marketing programs.

Kathleen Windsor, Windsor Graphics, Didsbury Alberta Canada office@windsorgraphics.ca