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Kathleen Windsor will help make your website design project a lot of fun. The new Careers for Everyone website is a great example of interactivity between employers and potential employees. Website Interactivity
Interactivity on a website engages the visitor allowing the visitor to interact with the presentation of the website. Special website aspects like dynamic features (calendars and photo galleries), multimedia (audio/video) and flash animation (slide shows) are often incorrectly referred to as interactivity. These are simply presentation variances adding colour and life to a website, but they are not interactive.

Interactivity is a website dimension that goes beyond the ability of a basic web designer. Shopping carts, online games, polls, page turners, discussion forums, chat rooms and some online forms are examples of interactivity. The viewer is actively involved in directing the content and/or activity on the web page.

While interactivity is generally focused on the website visitor, where I excel is in developing robust interactive processes which allow the website owner to maintain and update portions of their own website, where appropriate. I have the resources and professionals to provide a wide variety of intriguing mechanisms designed so, together, we are ...

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Web 2.0 draws together the capabilities of client- and server-side software, content syndication and the use of network protocols.
You've heard the phrase "Web 2.0", but what is it? It's exactly what this page is all about ... interactivity. That includes things like web-based communities like the MyDidsbury portal, social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, video-sharing sites like YouTube, and blogs.

I see Web 2.0 as being so much more. It provides a medium through which you can have control of portions of your own website, updating your website content in "real-time", independent of office hours, locale or HTML proficiency. It empowers you to ensure your website visitors have the latest information about your service or product at your convenience saving you time and money. And I can make it happen for you.

Do you need "interactivity" for your website? I'm going out on a limb on this one when I say "not necessarily". Quite simply, some websites are best designed in a static mode, providing information on the services offered by that particular business. It may be that you're not quite ready for that next step, and that's fine. Let's get your site out there; we can add interactivity enhancements later, if that's what you need.

As Colin Powell said, "The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team's mission."

Kathleen can include interactivity on your website. Just ask about all the possibilities.
Interactivity can be good for your website visitors, but it can be great for those of you who want to maintain portions of your own website.

Quite honestly, interactive features geared toward the website visitor are generally of little value to most business websites. The biggest demand, as far as interactivity is concerned for business owners, is to be able to update portions of their own website, at their own convenience.

Associations may find chat rooms, discussion forums, polls or games to be great for the social aspect of your members.

No matter what interactive features you contemplate for your website, be sure they add value to your website.

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