Windsor Graphics is a great choice for realistically priced, effective websites for small businesses in Alberta.
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I concentrate on Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. If your business would benefit from other social media platforms, we will help you with those as well. Social Media - An additional service beyond the site itself
Connecting with your audience via Social Media is considered "new", and can be the most effective marketing tool you have to reach prospective customers and develop customer loyalty. Knowing how to start the process can be intimidating, and time-consuming. That's where I come in.

Status updates on your Facebook page or tweets on your twitter account do what you do every day in your office or store - they engage the customer. When done right, SoMe is better than radio or newspaper ads. It's not just "throw the information out there and hope someone reads it"; it's all about "talking" to your customers, your distributors, and your suppliers. Social networking is also great for employee recruiting, interacting with the media, your community leaders, and even government representatives. It's all about exchanging ideas, and is very effective as a "chit chat" between you and your customers.

I will help you get set up, but honestly believe tweets and status updates should be written by the business owner (or a trusted staff member), so we'll design a Social Media Program together that you can manage yourself as you are ...

Taking Care of Business!

Website Monitoring, Search Engine Rankings
With special hidden coding, we can follow the traffic to your website and use these stats to determine programs like off-line marketing tactics.
A hits counter may not be quite enough for your operation.

In fact, most websites require traffic monitoring - so you know where your visitors come from, what other websites are driving traffic to your site, where they went, the pages of most interest, and what phrases people are using in their searches.

We can start with basic statistics and work our way up to complete web statistics monitoring reports.

We will track the performance of your site over time to help you better understand what it is your users want and need.

Short of monitoring coupon returns or gift certificate redemptions, web traffic monitoring is one of the best ways to evaluate the return on investment of a marketing campaign.

An example of the type of report you would receive with your website traffic monitoring plan.
The coding we use on a regular basis may be sufficient for high rankings. If not, talk to us about adding SEO to your site.
One thing you know you need is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. You know that because someone told you so. But what is it, and why do you need it?

SEO involves improving the volume of traffic to a website from search engines by studying algorithms on search results. It is not the same as SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, which you pay for.

I understand how the search engines work, recognize the differences between the major search engines, and incorporate SEO tactics into all my website designs. There are a whole range of tricks professionals use to attain high rankings for their clients. I will do everything I can to get you top rankings in the search engines.

Online Marketing

You may plan a great party, but if you forget to send out the invitations, no one will show up. The same holds true for a website. Web marketing needs to be active to be effective. I will see that the appropriate audience is made aware of your online contributions through various promotional efforts.

Registering your website with Search Engines and Directories is still the most effective method of generating traffic to your website. In many cases, the majority of your website visitors will come from search directories that specialize in your field or occupation, and can pull over 90% of the traffic to your website. I will help sift through the directories that key in on your industry, and register your site with those that will draw the most qualified or interested parties to your website.

When you place an ad in the phone book or local newspaper, remember to include your website address!

Kathleen Windsor, Windsor Graphics, Didsbury Alberta Canada