Windsor Graphics is a great choice for realistically priced, effective websites for small businesses in Alberta.
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Kathleen Windsor will help make your website design project a lot of fun. Give me your wish list and I'll do my best to give you what you need. Send Kathleen your "Wish List"
I am pleased to offer a competitive Fee Structure to suit individual needs. You decide if you want an "economy" or "corporate" package, or somewhere in between. You can mix and match as you like to enhance your own personal image on the net.

Windsor Graphics has a proven track record and will be there for you as long as we are needed. We will provide whatever support you require throughout the entire process.

Our Fee Schedule includes all services offered by Windsor Graphics, including Website Design, Promotion and Maintenance, Website Statistics Monitoring, Custom Software, Online Management Apps, and Dynamic Scripting. My prices are clear and have no hidden surprises. If we find we can save you money without sacrificing quality, we will certainly mention it to you. You will be pleased to find out that what you've heard about the cost of websites might be more than just a little exaggerated. I subscribe to the belief that if you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur!

I will make your internet marketing as painless as possible, so you can continue ...

Taking Care of Business!

Complete our Request Form for a Free Estimate
For a free estimate on creating your homepage or website, please complete our Request Form, providing as much detail as you can concerning your requirements. (Value $150) This will not only give you a chance to think about what exactly you want, but also give me the most information there is so I can give you the most accurate estimate possible.

Paperless Billing
In the interest of the environment, and to keep our own business costs down, in 2011, Windsor Graphics implemented a Paper Bill Surcharge of $1.95 per month to all clients requesting invoicing through Canada Post.

Windsor Graphics prides itself on being a "green" business, with over 97% of our business being conducted online. Our paper reduction has cut our office expenses down by 86% since we went paperless in 2008. We recycle everything in the office we can, including printer and fax toners, computer parts and all plastic coverings, and all excess or private paper is shredded. 98% of our current clients use our Paperless Billing system.

Fee Structure

Website Request Form

Windsor Graphics uses Paperless Billings for its accounting.

Kathleen Windsor, Windsor Graphics, Didsbury Alberta Canada